Long Live the MLB!

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, many of you were so caught up in turkey and family you MISSED the Major League Baseball lockout.  Like the NFL and the NBA, Major League Baseball shut it doors to its players over the break.

OH WAIT – It didn’t!

Beneath the recent shadows created by labor unrest of the NFL and the just now resolved labor issues of the NBA, who’s players make more than you and I can dream of in one year yet still are not satisfied (must be nice…), Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Union agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement to cement twenty-one years, that’s right 2-1, years of labor peace through December of 2016 on November 22. If you want to read more about it, check out the Sports Illustrated article here.

I love all sports, but there is just something about baseball that I love most – it can be an every man’s game. Granted, not all people could actually play baseball, but its a simple game that is just pitch, hit, catch, throw, run.  No crazy routes or bump and runs or zone coverage or power plays or time clock, and, while I realize the sound of a big hit in football or hockey is intensely gratifying, there is nothing, absolutely NOTHING like the crack of a wood bat on a ball.

I, for one, am glad that America’s past time will continue to be the game I love and not mired in squabbles over how much revenue the owners should be giving the players or what rookie salaries should be, etc. etc. Sure they make a ton of money, but it seems to me that a majority of baseball players play for the love of the game.  Why else would they subject themselves to a grueling 162 schedule, play through injuries, and face the risk of being not just cut, but demoted down the four plus levels of a club’s minor league system.

Long live sports, and long live baseball!


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