50 Years Ago Today: The First American in Space

It’s been a bit of slow month here on the JPub blog with the school year in full gear, but I wanted to take a minute to write about something worth noting.

Growing up and to this day, space exploration has fascinated me, and in perusing the news sites this morning I realized today was the fiftieth anniversary of the first time a human orbited the Earth. On February 20, 1962, the man with “The Right Stuff” John Glenn (future Senator and big time bad ass) orbited the Earth three times in Friendship 7.  It was a huge accomplishment not only for America during the Cold War and the Space Race, but for mankind in general.  It is incredible to see how far we have gone yet how far we have to go. As Buzz Lightyear (yes I know fictional…) says “to infinity and beyond!”

John Glenn's Friendship 7 Launching 2/20/62 - From FoxNews.com


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