Take Heart My Friend

Take heart in your busted bracket.  As I write this Norfolk State has beaten Missouri (a Final Four contender according to brackets I spied on people’s computer screens this week), Ohio is up on Michigan, St. Louis leads Memphis, Belmont did not pull off the upset, and neither did Long Beach State.  So while it is still early this tournament is starting to take a similar form from last year.

But this is actually a good thing.  If any of y’all are like me rooting for Norfolk State felt like seeing a girl at a bar that bailed on a date that night: you’re excited to see her but kind of embarrassed by what that means (not to mention all kinds of awkward).  I wanted Norfolk State to win, but my bracket sure didn’t.  As I get more and more picks I get wrong, the more and more I enjoy the tournament.  I can start rooting for the fun stories instead of the team I thought would win without seeing either team play once earlier this week.

So while my pride may take a few hits here and there, but that’s ok if it is more exciting.  Your bracket locks you into teams to root for and each one slowly falls away you are freed from its shackles.  Free to embrace the madness.


One thought on “Take Heart My Friend

  1. Couldn’t agree more – everyone’s bracket has to be somewhat busted by now, now it’s just fun to watch and see what the “Cinderella’s” do in the next game! Guess we’ll find out soon!

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