Virginia is for Beer Lovers!

Whoever said law and beer don’t mix!? House Joint Resolution No. 55 in the Virginia Assembly designates August as Virginia Craft Beer Month, and that month the Virginia Craft Brewers Guild will hold the Virginia Beer Cup competition! 

WHEREAS, the Virginia Craft Brewers Guild has designated August as Virginia Craft Beer Month, encouraging residents and visitors alike to patronize the dozens of traditional craft breweries in the state; a festival will be held August 18, 2012, in Nelson County, which will feature the Virginia Beer Cup competition to determine the best craft beer in the Commonwealth. (read the rest here)

I have recently become enamored with local breweries like Hardywood Park and Legend here in Richmond, as well as Star Hill in Crozet and Blue Mountain Brewery in Afton.  There has been literally an explosion of craft breweries all over the state, and they are putting out quality libations that deserve to be enjoyed by more than just those in this state, but since you’re already here check them out if you enjoy a good beer! 

As the resolution recognizes, this explosion of breweries has had a major impact on tourism and the economy in Virginia, and it is exciting to see this kind of recognition from the General Assembly not only for those of use who like VA beer, but for those breweries themselves. 

While I encourage you too visit/try/read up on VA beer if you are so interested (and there are too many sites to list here), one great source is Taste the Local that focuses on VA beer and local events. Cheers!!  


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