Beating Vegas: Week #3

Welcome back to another week of picks. Let’s skip the small talk and get right to it.

Giants +3 over the PANTHERS

So here’s the deal. The NFL is going to have a game every Thursday. Unfortunately the intense study and research I need to make these picks requires me to wait till Friday before I can publish them. That means we’re going to have to go honor system on the Thursday games. This game was kind of obvious though. Super bowl champs vs. some team that won four games last year.

BEARS – 7 over Rams

So the Rams won last week. Jay Cutler says DON”T CAAAAARE!

Buffalo -3 over BROWNS

Coming up next, two teams who’s fans live in a perpetual state of economic depression and sports disappointment. It’s the sadness bowl on CBS!

Buccaneers +8 at COWBOYS

Don’t you feel like Bucs’ coach Greg Schiano admires the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

Lions -4 at TITANS

I’m confused. Why is this line so low? By the way to all Chris Johnson fantasy owners, my condolences on your season.

Jaguars +3 over COLTS

Why am I taking Blaine Gabbert on the road? Because when the deaf, dumb, and, blind go at each other, you take the points.


There’s no way Reggie Bush can run for over 150 yards two weeks in a row. (Reggie Bush fantasy owner, secretly hoping to be wrong)


This is gonna get ugly.

Chiefs +9 over SAINTS

Speaking of ugly, these are the worst defenses in the league going head to head. A stiff breeze puts up more resistance. How can either of these teams give more than 3 points! Matt Cassel don’t fail me now.

Bengals +3 over REDSKINS

Bengals are going win this, strait up.

Eagles -3 over CARDINALS

Coming up next, a battle in the desert between two teams that suck but keep on winning. It’s the fraud bowl on FOX!

Falcons +3 CHARGERS

The Chargers are going to fall down to Earth….hard.

Texans – 1 over BRONCOS

Texans always beat horses.

Steelers -3.5 over RAIDERS

I’m glad the Raiders are continuing the tradition of suck, even with Al Davis gone. He’d have wanted it that way.

Patriots +3 over RAVENS

Tom Brady, coming off a loss, giving Flaco points? Give me those points I’m gonna eat um up like Pac Man WAKA WAKA WAKA.

Packers – 3 over SEAHAWKS

This line used to be -6. I zig when Vegas zags

Last Week: 7 -7- 2

This Season: 12 – 17 – 3


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