Artists We Hate

By Anna Mackiewicz

Quite simply, I have not yet encountered an individual who had never enjoyed a sound that results from music. However, quite a number of people who do not happen to appreciate certain music express that they hate its existence. Artists have become the epicenter of denigration. People wish for anyone who happens to produce an album to become a representative of their individual perspective. Claims that an artist is not an effective role model are assumed to be valid.

It is apparent that people imitate behavior and are vulnerable to ideas that are expressed in music.  However, since it is self-evident that we all cannot possibly concede on what is the most aesthetically appreciable, fulfilling to hear, and most behaviorally appropriate. Since it is, quite obviously, impossible to create a functional system where artists cater to one person’s ideas while claiming to benefit all, we should acknowledge that we insult our own appreciation of diverse choice when we denounce an artist’s influence. If we acknowledge that our taste in music should not force others to only listen to what we most enjoy, we must further acknowledge that our freedom to enjoy the artists that we
do enjoy stems from someone else’s inability to ban our choice. Of course, I realize that few who criticize an artist’s value actually wish to restrict that artist’s ability to produce music. However, if we acknowledge the negative effects of the lack of choice and how we would inevitably encourage a lack of choice if our denigration were to have a preventative effect, we should appreciate the artists who are responsible for the choice that is available for us and who prevent everyone from being condemned to just your choice.

I am only suggesting that gratitude to anyone who contributes to the system that you benefit from is rational. We should think of what we are being ungrateful for and how that may frequently involve our indirect self-destruction.


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