Beating Vegas: Week #12

Hello again readers. Like you I enjoying my holiday break so we are going to keep this week’s Beating Vegas short and sweet. So LET’S WIN SOME MONEY.

Patriots -7 over JETS

Sometimes you win.

COWBOYS -3 over Redskins

Sometimes you lose.

Houston -3 over LIONS

Sometimes you push. (And sometimes you eat too much turkey and fall asleep watching these games).

Vikings +6.5 over BEARS

Just the threat of Jason Campbell starting is enough to pick the Vikes.

Raiders +9.5 over BENGALS

Warning! This line changed more three points, Warning!

BROWNS +1.5 over Steelers

The Steelers are hoping that old man Batch can hold down the fort while Big Ben rests his boo-boo. I would have more confidence in Batch if the Steeler’s didn’t decide that he was somehow worse than Leftwich.

COLTS -3 over Bills

I’m still not sold on Luck, but I am sold on the Colts playing at home. I’m also sold on Ryan Fitzpatrick being the Carson Palmer of the East. Look for the back breaking interception to seal the game.

Broncos -10.5 over CHIEFS

This line actually moved more than three points, but some rules are made to be broken. When your rule is telling you that you should pick the Chiefs, that’s one that needs to be ignored.

DOLPHINS +3 over Seahawks

The Seahawks are not a good team outside of the state of Washington.

Falcons +1 over Buccaneers

Matt Ryan did an excellent Jake Delhomme impression last week. Just perfect inflection on the interceptions. He’s a true mimic.

Blaine Gabbert Chad Henne and the Failure Brigade® +4 over Titans

The brigade is flying their failure flags at half-mast with the loss of their fearless leader Col. Gabbert.


Imagine how bad the Chargers would be if they didn’t get to play the Chiefs and Raiders twice a year. Actually, on second thought, don’t…

49ers EVEN over Saints

The Saint’s defense is still terrible. Colin Catnip is going to run all over them.


The Rams haven’t won a game on the road all year.

Packers +3 over GIANTS

How are the Giants favored my three? Has Vegas been watching the Giants the last three weeks?

Panthers -3 over EAGLES

Poor ESPN. If you go by the analogy that the Eagles season is the Titanic we are at the point that everyone is floating in the water with icicles on their faces. The only survivor is Andy Reid, who uses his walrus blubber to stay warm.



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