Beating Vegas: Week #16

Hey there! We’re back for week 16 just in time. I have to go participate in the annual tree genocide later today so let’s make this short and sweet. LET’S WIN SOME MONEY!

COWBOYS -1 over Saints

Somehow Vegas still believes in the Saints. They’re going down with that ship.

PACKERS -10.5 over Titans

At this point in the season you always pick the teams that have to win over the teams that don’t have anything to play for.

Colts -5 over CHIEFS

I just don’t….this is too easy.

Bills +5 over DOLPHINS

These teams seem just about equal so I say take the points and hold your breath.

Chargers +2.5 over JETS

Let’s all thank the Jets for one of the most magically bad seasons in the history of football. It was a masterpiece of incompetence and blunders. We shall miss you Sanchez.

Redskins -4.5 over EAGLES

***Jinxing powers activate***

STEELERS -3 over Bengals

Bengals? Playoffs?  Hahaha, that’s a good one!

BUCCANEERS -3 over Rams

Even the players don’t care about this game.

Raiders +9.5 over PANTHERS

No one is a bigger Cam Newton supporter than me, but 9.5 is a whole lot of points.

Blaine Gabbert Chad Henne and the Failure Brigade +14.5 Patriots

Chad Henne can backdoor cover a two touchdown spread. He was born to back door cover this spread.

TEXANS -7.5 over Vikings

I feel like Wade Philip game plan goes like this:

Plan A: Tackle Adrian Peterson

Plan B: No really we need to stop A.P.

Browns +11.5 over BRONCOS

Old man Weeden is offended by this line. He hasn’t been this insulted since Jesus told him there wasn’t room for a 13th apostle.

Bears -6.5 over CARDINALS

Again you take the team that has to win over the team that no longer cares.

RAVENS +2.5 over Giants

All of New York is hoping Joey Flacco is going to be his usual Joey Flacco this week.

Niners +2 over SEAHAWKS

That’s right. Colin Catnip is coming out of Quest Field with a win. Unless we get a replacement ref sighting.


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