Beating Vegas: Division Round Part Deux

Hello again and welcome to another week of playoff pick-ums. Normally I’d use this space to talk about last weeks playoffs games, but holy hell they were boring. It was one snooze fest after another. It was likely watching soccer last week. I kind of feel guilty for ragging on redskins fans last week. RG III is going to be limping around like Tiny Tim for the next nine months and Dan Synder is still the team’s owners. Let that be a lesson to the rest of the D.C. sports teams, moderate success is only going to increase the pain of inevitable failure. The Wizards know better than to get anyone’s hopes up. Well let’s hope we get some interesting games this week, and LET’S WIN SOME MONEY!

BRONCOS -9 over Ravens

Hey did you know Ray Lewis is retiring? No really its true! I don’t know why any commentators is mentioning. I don’t know what the Ravens are going to do next year. Sure they can find another slow middle linebacker that’s a liability in pass coverage, but is he going to be able to replace the spastic dancing before the game? Look for Peyton to light the Ravens up with his cadre of white scrappy receivers.

49ERS -2.5 over Packers

I believe in Colin Catnip. The Packers look intimidating, but everyone does against Joe Webb.

FALCONS -2.5 over Seahawks

It’s so weird. From week one I was looking forward to picking against the Falcons in the playoffs. Week one and I was foreseeing the Matt Ryan three interception game. Now the time as finally come and I love Atlanta. Listen, the only people that can win on the road in Atlanta is General Sherman and whoever is playing the Braves in the playoffs.

(Note: I’m pretty sure Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman isn’t related to the Civil War General…pretty sure)

Texans +9.5 over PATRIOTS

Here’s a little fact for you. The Pats are 1 – 8 against the spread in their last nine playoff games. That’s a real stat that I really heard. Is it true? True enough to pick the Texans. I think they can cover as long as Matt Schaub is limited to simply handing the ball to Arian Foster.

Enjoy the games everyone!


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