Beating Vegas: Conference Championships

Welcome back to Beating Vegas. Readers, the Conference Championship round has always been a bitter sweet time. Sure it’s nice to get two action pack games from the four best teams in the league, but it always the sign of the end. It’s that moment on the CBS afternoon game, when they feel the need to remind all those forgetful senior citizens that 60 minutes is coming on right after the game.

Before we get to the picks I want to expand on the Manti T’eo discussion from my January column: I have an exclusive that I’m going to reveal to you right now! American treasure and part time Juris Publici reporter Clint Eastwood has found the real Lennay Kekua!!! That’s right Kekua is real and very much alive! Don’t believe me? How about some photo evidence:

That’s right. As you can clearly see that is an image of America’s greatest actor lecturing Miss. Kekua on the dangerous in getting involved in an internet hoax. Good work Clint, now LET’S WIN SOME MONEY!

FALCONS +4.5 over 49ers

Ugh I hate picking the Falcons. You’re not going to find a bigger Catnip fan than me. Honestly I think the 49ers are going to pull this one out, but here at picking Vegas we pick  the lines. (Picking winners is for amateurs). Four and a half is just too many points for the road team.

PATRIOTS -8.5 over Ravens

I’m going to go Mugatu for a second. JOE FLACCO IS TERRIBLE! I FEEL LIKE IM TAKING CRAZY PILLS! Every time Dan Derdorf compliments Flacco on one of those lame ducks he puts up. Did you see the game tying Hail Mary he put up last week? It looked like a punt. There was ice on the ball when it came down. I don’t know how high this line would have to get before I took the Ravens but I’m thinking triple digits. I think we (as in America) wants one thing. To see Tom Terrific lose in the Superbowl yet again.


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